Professor Jerzy Filar (Director)

Dr Matthew Holden

Ms Roxanne Jemison

Dr Clare McGrory

Dr Amir Moghaddam

Dr Wen-Hsi Yang


Dr Jennifer Ovenden, UQ School of Biomedical Sciences

Dr Tony Courtney, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Dr Warwick Nash, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

Professor Dirk Kroese

Professor Geoff McLachlan

Professor Hugh Possingham

Professor Phil Pollett

Professor Ling Li, UQ School of Civil Engineering


We supervise PhD, honours and Masters students on a range of topics.

Current PhD students

Andrew Jones
Estimation of genetic effective population size in fisheries

Katherine Burgess
Feeding ecology, movements and behaviour of Manta birostris in Ecuador

Mingzhu Sun
Applications of mixtures of skew distributions

Nanxi Zhang
Robust inferences for analysis of longitudinal data

Ryan Heneghan
Size does matter in marine ecosystem modelling

Sarah Pausina
Zooplankton dynamics in Moreton Bay

Viv Tulloch
Ecosystems modelling and fisheries in tropical and temperate systems

Current Honours/Masters students

Rachel Madden

A computational analysis of coastal and oceanographic influences on the Queensland (Australia) east-coast saucer scallop fishery 

Robyn Lovett

A Bayesian approach to analysing alien species invasion in the Mediterranean Sea
Supervisors: A Richardson & C McGrory


Ting Tian
PhD graduate 2016
Estimation of Missing Values in Multivariate Multi-Environment Trial Data for Three-Way Pattern Analysis
Supervisors: K Basford, G McLachlan & M Dieters

Michael O’Neill
PhD graduate 2015
Standardisation of catch and effort in fisheries stock assessment
Supervisor: Y-G Wang                                                                                                                                       

Na Wang
PhD graduate 2015
Sustainability and optimality in fisheries management
Supervisor: Y-G Wang

Michael Macbeth
PhD graduate 2015
Development of methodology to improve the utility of molecular & markers in fish populations
Supervisors: Y-G Wang & J Overden

Jessica Savage (exchange student)
Masters graduate 2015
The impact of the 2011 heat wave on plankton communities at Rottnest Island
Co-Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Ysharda Clement (exchange student)
Masters graduate 2015
Climate variability and change in zooplankton off eastern Australia
Co-Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Jacob Rogers
Honours graduate 2015
Modelling Crown-of-thorns outbreaks on the Great Barrier Reef
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Natsumi Nishikawa
Honours graduate 2015 (1st class)
Do cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus indirectly affect demersal zooplankton?
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Dr Kate Helmstedt
PhD graduate 2014
Mathematical modelling and optimisation in applied conservation ecology
Supervisors: H Possingham, P Baxter, P Maswon & J Shaw

Dr Luke Lloyd-Jones
PhD graduate 2014
Growth model estimation in fisheries
Supervisor: Y-G Wang & AJ Richardson

Dr Tessa Rawson
PhD graduate 2014
Conservation planning of the Mediterranean
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Jack McDonnell
Honours graduate 2014 (1st class)
Dynamics and control of a ratio-dependent predator-prey system
Supervisor: P Baxter

Joshua Volkmann
Honours graduate 2014
Optimisation of dynamic reserve design
Supervisors: M Forbes & P Baxter

Maria (Marike) De Waard
Honours graduate 2014
A Survey of modern geostatistics methods for modelling Saucer Scallop populations in Queensland
Supervisor: R Lemos

Peter Rankin
Honours graduate 2014 (1st class)
An alternative surplus production model - using hierarchical Bayesian inference in fisheries models
Supervisors: R Lemos & H Possingham

Ryan Heneghan
Honours graduate 2014
A review of the canonical Dynamic Energy Budget model and a bioenergetics model for diatoms with Bayesian parameter estimation
Supervisor: R Lemos

Jesse Thomas
MSc 2014
Scallop larval advection modelling in the Queensland fishery
Supervisor: R Lemos

Qianying Liu
MSc 2014
Weed-crop image segmentation and weed management
Supervisor: C McGrory & P Baxter

Dr Lydie Couturier
PhD graduate 2013
The biology and ecology of the manta ray, Manta alfredi, in eastern Australia
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Dr Fabrice Jaine
PhD graduate 2013
The movement ecology of the manta ray Manta alfredi: a case study off eastern Australia
Supervisors: S. Weeks, AJ Richardson, M Bennett & K Townsend

Dr Chris Rohner
PhD graduate 2013
Biological and oceanographic influences on whale shark abundance and feeding ecology
Supervisors: AJ Richardson, M Bennett, S Pearce & W Weeks

Dr Lucy Robinson
PhD graduate 2013
Potential Impacts of Future Climate Change on the Distribution of Pelagic Fish and Fisheries off the East Coast of Australia
Supervisors: AJ Richardson & H Possingham

Dr Will Probert
PhD graduate 2013
Methods for Decision Theory in Conservation Biology
Supervisors: H Possingham, P Baxter & AJ Richardson

Alex Coughlan
Honours graduate 2013 (1st class)
Understanding effects of climate change on Australian phytoplankton communities
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Amelia Armstrong
Honours graduate 2013 (1st class)
The size spectrum of zooplankton communities along the Australian east coast: effects of oceanography, season and latitude
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Maxime Marin
Honours graduate 2013 (2A)
Oceanography of southeast Queensland in relation to kelp distribution
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Dr Chris Brown
PhD graduate 2012
Effects of climate change on marine ecosystems and potential management responses
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Robbie Pearce
Honours graduate 2012 (1st class)
Accepted two year fellowship with CSIRO in Sydney, March 2013
Dynamics of managed consumer-resource systems
Supervisors: P Baxter & C Holmes

Kate Picone
Honours graduate 2012 (1st class)
Plankton dynamics in relation to climate variability
Supervisor: AJ Richardson

Natalie Kerr
Honours graduate 2012 (1st class)
Accepted research assistantship with Harvard Forest in USA, March 2013
Identifying cost-efficient approaches for managing weeds
Supervisors: Y Buckley & P Baxter

Kirsty Howard
Honours graduate 2012 (1st class)
Potential effects of the re-zoning of the Great Barier Reef Marine Park on commercial fisheries catch
Supervisors: AJ Richardson, J Kirkwood & P Moss

Andrew Jones
Honours graduate 2011 (1st class)
Genetic estimates of effective population size
Supervisors: Y-G Wang & J Ovenden

Na Wang
MSc 2011
Population dynamics with continuous recruitment for multiple short-lived species: a case study for Australia's Northern Prawn Fishery
Supervisor: Y-G Wang

Liza Roger
Honours graduate 2010 (2A)
Comparison of shell structure of two tropical thecosome pteropods (Creseis acria and Diacavolinia longirostris) over 45-year period
Supervisor: AJ Richardson