PhD applications and scholarships

We welcome PhD applications from students with a strong mathematical background who are interested in tackling applied fisheries and environmental problems. 

How to apply for a PhD

Find more information on how to apply for a higher degree by research, including searching for a supervisor, entry requirements and document preparation. 


Subject to availability of funds we offer a number of ‘top-up’ scholarships to students holding either an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or equivalent award for full-time research in applied statistics/mathematics leading to the award of a PhD.

The scholarship top-up is awarded for up to three years and consists of an annual stipend of $8,000 for a full-time applicant, subject to qualifications, to supplement a basic postgraduate scholarship.

An allowance of up to $3,000 during the three-year period will be available, subject to satisfactory progress, to attend and participate in national and international conferences.

This award is for projects aimed at the development and application of mathematical and statistical theory to produce tools that will have a direct impact in the management of fisheries, forestry, water security, conservation, pest and disease management, and adaptation to global changes.

Applying for an APA

Australians and New Zealanders are eligible to apply for an APA. If you're not eligible for an APA, you can apply for an international scholarship at UQ, but the process is very competitive.

Find out more about scholarships.

Application assessments

Our committee assesses PhD and scholarship offers separately.

More information

Contact Professor Anthony Richardson for more information on PhD applications and CARM scholarships.