Our research and teaching excellence in the fields of mathematics, statistics and physics is recognised worldwide.

Whatever your specialty, you'll benefit from first-class facilities and learn from world-leading experts who'll share with you the most current knowledge and ways of thinking. And you'll graduate with qualifications from an innovative, world-leading institution, and have the skills to understand, analyse and influence our world.

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Our disciplines

Gain a deep understanding of the foundations and applications of mathematics and statistics.
Examine the basic processes of our universe, and explore how and why the laws of physics underpin the other natural sciences.

Student support

When you arrive at UQ, we'll introduce you to our researchers, teachers and students who come from all over the world, and offer you academic and personal support as you progress through your studies. 

If you're an international student, visit UQ's International web pages to find out how to apply and what to expect when you get here. Find out if you're eligible for a credit transfer towards a UQ Science program. 

If you're unsure about whether your preferred courses will fulfil the requirements of your program, seek advice from your academic adviser.