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Advanced R Workshops. Online workshop now available

12 July 2022 9:00am19 August 2022 4:30pm
For those who know R well!

Daniel Ahfock (UQ) - title TBA

25 August 2022 11:00am12:00pm
Daniel Ahfock
University of Queensland

AI4Pandemics Talk #26: Chinasa T. Okolo, Cornell University

31 August 2022 10:00am10:45am
Title: Making AI Explainable for Novice Technology Users in Low-Resource Settings

Melanie Roberts (Griffith University) - title TBA

13 September 2022 11:00am12:00pm
Melanie Roberts
Griffith University

Thomas Magor and Len Coote (UQ School of Business) - title TBA

6 October 2022 2:00pm3:00pm
Thomas Magor and Len Coote
UQ School of Business

Dennis Leung (University of Melbourne) - title TBA

21 October 2022 11:00am12:00pm
Dennis Leung
University of Melbourne

Susanna Cramb (QUT) - title TBA

4 November 2022 11:00am12:00pm
Susanna Cramb
Queensland University of Technology


Hiding ignorance and finding knowledge: adventures using the shape of light

9 August 2022 1:00pm2:00pm
Associate Professor Jacqui Romero
University of Queensland

Weyl groups and Hecke algebras: finite, affine, and double affine

8 August 2022 2:00pm3:00pm
Dinakar Muthiah
The University of Glasgow

AI4Pandemics Talk #25: Omar Haggag, Monash University

3 August 2022 10:00am10:45am
Title: COVID-19 vs Social Media Apps: Does Privacy Really Matter?

Row-column factorial designs of strength at least 2

2 August 2022 2:00pm3:00pm
Nicholas Cavenagh
University of Waikato, New Zealand

Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets

19 July 2022 2:00pm3:00pm
Associate Professor Katarina Miljkovic
Curtin University

Spin entanglement of a thermal atomic pair in an optical tweezer

15 July 2022 1:00pm2:00pm
Dr Lucile Sanchez Hodgman
University of Otago

Advanced data wrangling for spatial analysis R Workshop

15 July 2022 9:00am4:30pm
Covers advanced data wrangling skills and using R for mapping and spatial analysis.
Cost: $200/$150 students

Unlocking learning using educational escape rooms

14 July 2022 1:00pm2:00pm
Robert Ross
La Trobe University

Intermediate R Workshop

13 July 2022 9:00am14 July 2022 4:30pm
For those with some R experience.
Cost: $400/$300 students

Introduction to R and the tidyverse Workshop

12 July 2022 9:00am4:30pm
For those new to R
Cost: $200/$150 students

AI4Pandemics Talk #24: Jiayang Li, The University of Queensland

6 July 2022 10:00am10:45am
Title: SARS-CoV-2 in sewer networks: tracking the COVID-19 spread in the community

Semiconductor quantum dots for optical quantum technologies

5 July 2022 2:00pm3:00pm
Professor Pascale Senellart
The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Université Paris Saclay, France

Evidence bases in Mathematics Education

29 June 2022 2:30pm3:30pm
Ant Edwards
Swinburne University of Technology

AMSI Winter School

20 June 2022 8:30am1 July 2022 4:00pm
New Directions in Representation Theory

AI4Pandemics Talk #23: Caroline Colijn, Simon Fraser University

8 June 2022 10:00am10:45am
Title: Genomic Epidemiology in SARS-CoV-2: new tools and challenges

Maths at high school & the new F-10 Curriculum

27 May 2022 11:00am12:00pm
Chris Powell (Maths HOD, Brisbane South State Secondary College)

AI4Pandemics Talk #22: Andres Colubri, UMass Chan Medical School

25 May 2022 10:00am10:45am
Title: Operation Outbreak: an app-based platform for infectious disease education and research

Dynamics of Phase Transitions and Mean Curvature Flow

23 May 2022 2:00pm3:00pm
Dr. Huy The Nguyen (Queen Mary University of London)